Writer Spotlight: Hunter Kissel

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Our Patreon supporters get to learn more about Ruckus writers through a series of lightning-round questions. This month, meet Hunter Kissel.

How long have you lived in Louisville?
I earned a BA in Studio Art from Transylvania University in Lexington, but other than that I've always lived Louisville. I did have the opportunity to study in Florence during undergrad, so there was a semester I spent in Italy as well. Louisville is one of those cities that many people from other states flock to for a variety of reasons, so it does at times feel quite special to be from here.

Favorite contemporary artist?
Cory Archangel's Super Mario Clouds (2002) is possibly my favorite contemporary artwork. I've loved just about everything I've seen by him. Other than him, some of my favorites are Cindy Sherman, Titus Kaphar, Mark Bradford, and Christopher Wool. Not exactly contemporary, per se, but I do also love Anne Truitt and Ellsworth Kelly.

Favorite movement in art history
American High Modernism.

Best exhibition you've seen in the past year?
Sarah Lucas' solo exhibition entitled Au Naturel at the New Museum last Fall (I believe it's now showing at the Hammer in LA) was pretty memorable. Viewing an entire museum of her work—this is her first solo show in the US—was arresting and very impressive.

Most underrated Louisville or Kentucky artist?
Colleen Merrill is a name that comes to mind. She's built an impressive track record (she recently held an artist residency in Brooklyn), but she could probably stand to get more play here locally. Her textile work addresses everything from the history of the medium to social media and the Internet.

Favorite art-related book?
Anything by Roland Barthes, though he is probably more of a social theorist than art historian. Camera Lucida was a touchstone for my MA thesis, but I also love Mythologies, Image-Music-Text, and The Pleasure of the Text. Also love both of Sarah Thornton's books on the contemporary art world.

Make up a tagline for Ruckus.
Maybe something like "Respectfully Disruptive" or "Drawn to Clamor."

Favorite museum or gallery in the world?
I love going to the Broad in LA. I'm a believer that art is for everyone, and the Broad is a great place for people to be introduced to and become familiar with contemporary art, plus their special exhibitions provide the critical edge that many Ruckus readers may prefer.

Favorite podcast?
I'm a huge fantasy football fan, so I listen to ESPN's "Fantasy Focus" podcast pretty frequently during the NFL season. I'm a very mild-mannered fan of real-life football, but I obsess over the analytics and strategy that fantasy provides.

What are you absolutely over?

Hunter Kissel is a guest contributor to Ruckus.