Guest Writer Proposal Guidelines:

Ruckus is a collaborative journalism project sustained by a dynamic mix of writers and writing backgrounds. Anyone can submit  an article idea regardless of background or formal arts training. If you are interested in writing for Ruckus, we encourage you to read some of our published content. That will give you an idea of the tone and length we are interested in—though these can be flexible if it suits your piece. Types of articles we are interested in publishing (but not limited to) include: exhibition reviews, interviews, studio visit/artist spotlights, or general opinion pieces.

If you have not written for us before, we ask you use the Guest Writer Submission Form below. If you have a full draft at the time of submission, we are happy to take this as your proposal, but any given proposal does not need to be more than a few sentences that outline what you plan to accomplish. For instance, in an exhibition review, mention which upcoming show you have selected, how you plan to assess its success (what outside theory or resource you are interested in referencing when making an evaluation), and when you plan to have this piece finished. Generally, we prefer to have submissions 1-2 months before the publication date.

Selection and Editing Process:

Sadly, we cannot publish all of the submissions we receive. Final decisions about which articles will be published are dependent on many factors, including but not limited to:

1. Does the content fit within the scope of Ruckus’ mission and overall guidelines?

2. Does the timeline for the piece accommodate Ruckus’ editorial capacity in a given quarter?

3. Does the writing feel timely, unique, and/or mature?

Within 2 weeks of a submitted pitch, you will receive a response about the status of your submission. We may accept it as-is or ask about your willingness to tweak/refine certain aspects before making a final decision. Once accepted, we will inform you at this time about deadlines and other editorial expectations. We will always do our best to work with writers in the event of unforeseen circumstances, but if deadlines are not met, we cannot promise publication (especially with content that is time-sensitive like an exhibition review). Once an initial draft is submitted, you can expect around a week of editing for short pieces, but up to multiple weeks for longer pieces.


Good art writing is strengthened by good photos of art. If you are in a position to get us high quality photos of the work (perhaps you are a photographer yourself, or have arranged to have photos sent over to us from an institution/artist), please make note of that in your submission. If you need photos taken for your piece, Ruckus is often able to make this happen, but due to timing limitations or staff availability, please note this might factor into selection decisions.

Compensation and License:

As of 2019, our writers are paid through a combination of individual donors via our Patreon, and through a generous grant from  Great Meadows Foundation. In either case, Ruckus will work with each writer to ensure they have the proper compensation lined up after the article has been published and all materials have been submitted on time.

Authors retain copyright of all published texts, but Ruckus owns the copyright to the way it appears digitally. You agree to provide Ruckus a royalty-free license to publish, reproduce and distribute all or any part of the written content in any and all forms of media (including future print editions), and to authorize third parties to do so. This license is exclusive to Ruckus for a period of one year after the original digital publication. After that one-year period expires, the license is nonexclusive, and you are free to publish or license the article to other publications, provided that a credit line accompanies the article indicating that it first appeared with Ruckus.

Guest Writer Submission Form:

Please follow this link to the Guest Writer Submission Form, and follow all instructions to send materials for consideration.

Contributor Application:

If you have written for Ruckus before, and wish to apply to become a Contributor, please email for further details.