Mary Clore is a painter and printmaker. She studied both 2D Studios and Art History at the University of Louisville, and has been working in art museums since the age of 15. Mary is a founding member of Ruckus and contributing writer.

Kevin Warth is an artist, art historian, independent curator, queer theorist, photographer, museum professional, organizer, and activist. He is a founding member of Ruckus and contributing writer.

Luke Gnadinger is a Core Fellow at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina, whose work focuses on the relationship and overlapping areas between creative fields. They are a founding member of Ruckus and its web editor.

Kassie Alderson is an experienced museum professional with a background in Art History. A native Louisvillian, she has worked in Education at the Speed Art Museum and Visitor Services at KMAC Museum. Kassie has expanded her career by taking on a position at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon, bringing a national perspective to Louisville's cultural scene. She is a content editor for Ruckus.

Our 2018 Guest Contributors for Ruckus include: Jessica Oberdick, Alexis Doerr, Jake Ford, & Hunter Kissel.
RUCKUS, Louisville, KY 2018