Ruckus is a 501c3 non-profit writing and review project that seeks to promote artists, curators, and institutions that are committed to visual excellence by way of critical dialogue in the city and region of Louisville, KY. We define art excellence as possessing: a concern for the socio-historic contexts of work, an engagement with the broader discourse of art nationally and internationally, and a demonstration of thoughtful conceptual content that moves beyond trends, home goods, or hollow localism. Ruckus is invested in catalyzing a literacy in the discrete fields of art, craft, and design. We believe that by better identifying where one ends and another begins, a more robust landscape of interdisciplinary art making can emerge.

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in contributing to Ruckus as a paid writer, please review the information found on our submission page. Our compensations range from $150-$180 per article, depending on the format, and we also compensate writers for some travel expenses for work that involve site visits outside of Louisville.

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Ruckus is currently supported by its readers through Patreon, a project grant from Great Meadows Foundation, and an ArtsMatch grant from Fund for the Arts.